WhatsApp Team Inbox (WATI) is the ultimate WhatsApp management tool for your business.
By providing the following key features, WATI enables your team to:

  • Connect with customers in real time without sharing devices or switching tools
  • Access 2b+ WhatsApp users
  • Send broadcasts via WhatsApp to targeted customers
  • Manage concurrent customer messages with a unified inbox
  • Get data-driven insights

Please keep in mind that the APIs described in this doc is to compliment the use of the WATI CRM user interface.

If you do not require a ready-to-use interface or want to build your customized solution, we recommend switching to our API gateway plan to gain complete access to the official Whatsapp APIs/webhooks. Reach out to us to change plans: [email protected]


The WATI navigation bar contains the following tabs:

  • Dashboard: displays real-time statistical information
  • Broadcast: schedule, trigger and monitor broadcast template messages
  • Contacts: list of contacts and contact management (adding, editing, removing)
  • Team Inbox: collaboration on chats
  • Automation: Set up some keywords for a bot to auto-reply, and set up some rules to trigger template messages eg: non-office hours, expired, waiting,...