WATI supports webhooks that can alert you on an incoming message via a callback URL

How to set the callback URL?

  1. Click on 'Webhooks' on the top navigation on WATI Dashboard

2. Click on 'Add Webhook'

3. Add the webhook URL and set the status as 'Enabled'

4. Wait for a message on your WhatsApp number

5. When a message is received, a callback happens on your webhook URL with the below payload

Id = 5f55bb536721b4bf1d0c01ae,
Created = 2020-09-07T04:47:15.759Z,
ConversationId = 5eaa7da1fe17e30001f285db,
TicketId = 5f55bb536721b4bf1d0c01ac,
Text = hey,
Type = text,
Data = ,
Timestamp = 1599454035,
Owner = false,
EventType = message,
StatusString = SENT,
AvatarUrl = null,
AssignedId = null,
OperatorName = null,
WaId = xxxxxxxxxxxx