Team Inbox

In the Team Inbox page you can easily collaborate with your colleagues, allowing them to view, assign, and respond to every client inquiry.

Through the Team Inbox, you can:

  • start and end live chats

  • send messages

  • assign tickets to the operators

  • add contacts to favorites

  • change topic name

  • add quick replies

  • add custom parameters (personal contact information) to the contacts

  • search and filter the contacts

All chats are accessible from the left-hand side and can be filtered by various elements. In the middle of the page is the conversation with the customer. Once the chat is assigned to an agent, he or she will be able to directly communicate or end the communication with the customer.

On top of that, the Team Inbox supports multimedia exchange with the customers, including images, video, and audio files. The customer’s information can be saved on the right-hand side of the Team Inbox page.

Start New Chat

When a customer sends a message he will be added to the contact list as Vacant. Select the contact and click "Start New Chat" to start a live chat:

When you start a live chat you will be assigned as operator for the selected contact. Once one of the operator take the chat, others can't talk with the current contact.

End Chat

Click "End Live Chat" to end the conversation.

Add Contacts to Favorite

Click "Star" icon to add contacts to your favorite list. Use the filter "Favorite only" to display starred contacts.

Change Topic Name

All new tickets are created as "General Enquiry" and you may change the topic name depends on the issues that customers have. Use the following steps to change a topic name: 1. Click to the topic name in the Main Chat Window 2. Type new topic name 3. Save changes

Personal Contact Information

The personal contact information has basic (name and phone) and custom (e.g. age, order number, customer type) parameters.

For adding custom parameters: 1. Click "+" icon 2. Fill custom attributes 3. Click "ADD ATTRIBUTES" 4. Save changes

Quick Replies

With quick replies, you can create keyboard shortcuts for the messages you send most frequently.

Click "+ADD REPLY" to add new quick reply. They will be available for all operators.

Use the following steps to send a quick replies: 1. Open context menu 2. Click "Send" icon to add the quick reply to the "Type message" field 3. Send message

In the context menu you can also delete or edit existing replies.

Search and Filter Contacts

Filter contacts in your Team Inbox on the following criteria:

  • All chats - shows all contacts.

  • Unassigned - shows all contacts that have not been assigned to the operators.

  • Last 24 Hours - shows all contacts that have been created for last 24 hours.

  • Assigned to me - shows all contacts that assigned to the current operator.

  • Favorite only - shows all starred contacts.

  • Not closed & not expired - shows all contacts with open tickets and waiting time less 24 hours.

Search contacts by entering keyword in the search textbox: