In the contact management page, you can add contacts manually with an image and customizable attributes including name, phone number, age, VIP status, and more. The contacts are easily searched and segmented according to these labels. You can also upload your own contact lists. The uploaded list can also be downloaded as an XML file.

Add New Contact

There are two ways to add new contacts:

  1. Add a Single Contact

Click "Add Contact" to call up the Add Contact page.

Follow the steps below to create a contact:

  1. Enter contact name

  2. Enter phone number (country code + phone number)

  3. Save contact

Click "Add Attributes" if you want to add some custom attributes.

Follow the steps below to add custom attributes:

  1. Enter Name

  2. Enter Value

  3. Click "+ADD ATTRIBUTES"

  4. Save changes

2. Add Multiple Contacts by Excel Import

Click "Import from Excel" button to import contacts.

Download sample format for contact upload:

Edit Contact

Click "Edit Contact" to modify the contact information:

Make and Save changes.

Remove Contact

Click "Remove Contact" to remove a single contact.

Select some contacts to remove multiple or all contacts:

Search and Sort Contacts

Search contacts by entering keyword in the search textbox:

Sort by Last Updated:

Sort by Attributes: