In just a few clicks, the messages are sent through the Broadcast tab. The broadcasts can be easily added, edited, deleted, and canceled.

Add New Broadcast

Click "New Broadcast" to schedule Template Message Broadcast.

Follow the steps below to add a broadcast:

  1. Enter Broadcast Name

  2. Select an approved Template Message

  3. Schedule Start Date

  4. Click "Next"

5. Choose Contacts 6. Click "Add Broadcast" to create a schedule broadcast

You can also download a list of receivers from Excel. Use the sample format for contact upload:

You can click "+ Add new Segment" to filter the contact list by attributes. Then, you can select contacts from a filtered list below:

Edit, Delete or Cancel a Scheduled Broadcast

When you created a broadcast it will be added to the Scheduled Broadcast. Here you can edit or delete created Broadcasts.

When the time comes, the broadcast will start and deliver the template message to the intended recipients.

Click to the "Stop Broadcast" If you want to cancel the processing Broadcast. Status of the broadcast will be changed to Stopped.